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Is Our Society Collapsing? Has Democracy Gone Too Far? What Future is there for the Next Generation?

August 2018

What is Democracy?

It is my honest opinion that British society is showing signs of collapse. You may not agree with some, or indeed ANY, of my views on the matter; that is your right, but I strongly defend my right to express them. That's Freedom of Speech.

One of the cornerstones of our society is our concept of democracy. British democracy, so admired around the world, is beginning to look flawed. The probable decline and ultimate failure of British society is largely due to its blind insistance on the democratic eligibility of every adult to have a say in their own, and everyone else's affairs, regardless of their contribution or basic understanding of the issues involved.

Democracy is defined as government of a society by its people, exercised either directly or through elected representatives.

The common people are considered to be the primary source of political power which operates under the principles of majority rule, social equality and respect for the rights of the individual.

Virtually anyone living in Britain aged 18 or over can vote in political elections, regardless of whether they work, pay tax, were born and bred overseas, speak English, display a reasonable level of education, or are mentally incapacitated. Prisoners are currently being evaluated by Parliament for voting eligibility. There also seem to be many people advocating a change in the law, to give the vote to 16 yearolds. I believe most people living in families that include teenagers would consider that a ridiculous idea on so many levels.

Failings of British Democracy

Over time, the excesses of socialism have led to irreversible changes in the people's attitude to democracy.

British voters at election polling station

Largely due to unworkable socialist policies of past administrations, many people in our society have come to believe that the Government is sitting on an unlimited supply of cash and their main purpose is to distribute it to the majority of the people on demand.

Long gone are many of the principles our culture held dear in the early part of the last century as suggested by old sayings like, "a fair day's work for a fair day's pay" or "we was poor but we was honest" or "father would do any kind of work to support his family rather than accept charity from the state!"

Democracy in Days Gone By

During and after the devastation of the second World War, British people showed a great spirit of pride in our society and of pulling together to rebuild our country. Everybody contributed. Fathers and mothers worked as hard as they could to provide for their families and avoid the shame of having to ask for help from the local parish or the State.

Fathers instilled in their sons and daughters a sense of community, a need to work for a living, be self-sufficient, be frugal, avoid credit and debt by saving up to buy the things they wanted or needed.

Those sentiments have been mostly discarded by the "many", who are now brought up to expect to be supported by the "few" in order to live the fantasy life they believe to be everyone's democratic right by birth.

Protest march - people against government austerity cuts

Democracy has become widely misinterpreted. Of course citizens have a right to have their say in the way their country is governed, they have a right to have their grievances heard, where they see injustice, as long as they accept the will of the majority in any decisions that are made as a result. However, minorities do NOT have the right to expect to force changes of policy on the rest of us to fulfill the specific or perceived needs of a few individuals.

What of Democracy in the Future?

Democracy is about us all pulling together harmoniously to strive for a reasonable standard of well-being and happiness for everyone, within the means of society as a whole. It is not about each one of us selfishly fighting against all others to get to the front of the queue to grab as much of the "cake" as we can before it runs out!

Politicians have brought democracy to its knees by encouraging us to believe in a fantasy welfare state which is far beyond sustainability.

In seeking election, largely to advance their own careers, status and financial position, politicians make promises which are not thought through, create chaos, confusion and injustice, and only serve to alienate the electorate even more.

riots in protest at government failures

By consistantly failing to deliver on peoples expectations, politicians have eroded all trust in their ability to look after those they have been elected to represent, and their general performance right across the party political spectrum shows no acceptable alternative. The electorate are becoming faced with a dilemma ; what is the point of bothering to vote at all if no candidate or party can be trusted to bring any improvement in the chaotic state of affairs which currently exists in our country's Administration?

I suspect large swathes of the voting public have lost all faith in politicians. The bumbling incompetence they show in trying to control public services, the squabbling and in-fighting within political parties, the kindergarten behaviour in the House of Commons at PMQs with all sides hurling insults and derision, the gaffs, lies and obfuscations which hit the headlines daily, all add to the growing public disgust and loss of interest.

Imaginary scene of devastion in London as society collapses
Painting: London in Ruin by Indigo Flamingo

At the next election, how can we seriously expect the electorate to turn out to vote for more of the same? Politicians have become a joke!

If electoral turnout were to drop below a certain level, because voters see the polls as a waste of time, democracy would be as good as FINISHED! The majority of the electorate would feel abandoned. Demonstrators would have no option but to take to the streets to protest their grievances. Riots and violence could well ensue!

Without democracy our society becomes uncontrollable and will inevitably COLLAPSE!

August 2018




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