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June 2018

Who am I?

For a start I am NOT Japanese. Sosumi is simply one of my usernames.
I was born in a poorer part of London into a struggling working class family, the eldest of four siblings, but after a surprisingly good education, my route to university was suddenly cut short for family reasons. I left school and started an engineering apprenticeship with a large manufacturing company.

After two years, my somewhat impulsive nature led me to change course and I enlisted in the Army where I quickly became an NCO instructor. My military career also lasted just two years, after which I again resigned to return to "civvy street" and enter the world of business management.

My working life after that became amazingly varied. I moved from company to company, role to role, industry to industry, ever onwards, ever upwards, amassing what I believe to be vast experience, numerous skills and a lust for life affording me great happiness and peace of mind.

My personal life also flourished. I married and was blessed with two wonderful daughters. I built a circle of good friends and a great social life, part of which encompassed membership of an extensive, local sports and social club, where I also eventually became an official and committee member/section chairman.

I have lived in England my entire life apart from rare, part-time duties abroad. I moved house more than a few times, but mostly within various areas around Greater London and the South East. I have no great wanderlust, but have over time visited many countries in Europe. I have always enjoyed excellent health largely, I believe, due to always having possessed a positive mental attitude. More of that later.

Sosumi - June 2018


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